Neojac Newsletter Update 15 June 2021

Hello Neojac Entertainment Community!

This is the first newsletter from Neojac Entertainment. Thank you for playing and supporting our games.  As an indie company, we really value you, our player base. As per our communications policy, we said we would be sending out a newsletter to communicate updates. If you no longer want to receive our newsletter, please click on the unsubscribe link below at the bottom of this email.

With this added way of communication, we hope this will increase our collaboration with our player base and increase the information on our game updates, as well as new and exciting things coming from Neojac Entertainment.  In this newsletter edition, we have some exciting new Arcfall announcements!

Arcfall Upcoming Update:

  • Unfortunately, Arcfall will require a full wipe in the next update. A full wipe is required to allow us to add full character customization and a brand new combat system.  In addition, we will be upgrading the back-end server system which should fix many of the problems we had before on the server side.

  • We are redoing the whole world to better suit player progression, it will be one continent instead of instanced continents.

  • All Arcfall coin spent on the in-game store will be returned to your character account, so you can repurchase items in the new item store when the update comes out.

  • During this development phase, we will be doing live alpha tests on a test server which will be wiped regularly. We will invite players to these test runs as they become available.

New Combat System:

  • We are revamping combat to be similar to other games that use action based telegraph systems.

  • Mobs and players use a telegraph system to indicate where damage will be dealt.  This means your character will have the ability to use active dodge to escape damage from enemies, environments and other players.  Using active dodge will consume energy, so you may want to save your dodge until you know you really need it.

  • Both players and mobs will have the telegraph system for abilities. It is coloured shapes on the ground that tell you what will happen or is going on in that area. They are divided into two types:

    • A telegraph with a line that moves from one side to the other is a “Cast Time” telegraph, which will fire off once the line reaches the other side

    • A telegraph with a circle rapidly shrinking to the center is a “Channel” telegraph, which will do continuous damage/healing/give their effect as long as someone is standing in it.

  • We hope with the new combat system, it will allow us to make combat more interesting and skill based. This will carry over for our plans for PvP.


  •  A unique pet and titles will be given for participating in the pre-alpha phase by creating an account and reaching a minimum of Level 10 on a character before August 31, 2021.

  • One Mount will be awarded to players who has maxed out any skill or has reached Level 80 Character Level.

  • A unique title will be awarded for maxing out a skill.

  • During the production time, live servers of the current game will still be active for players if they want to max out skills or character levels so they can access titles or other rewards awarded with this wipe.

Currently we have no Timeframe yet available when the update will be posted as its a very large undertaking but we believe it will be worth the wait. We will start showing of some of the progress very soon on our YouTube Channel so be sure to subscribe to it.