Launching New Websites

As we are busy redesigning all of our websites, we are pleased to announce the release of our upgraded company website.

As we are getting ready for the next phase of our development and growth of our company, we have started upgrading all our current websites to better suit our unique and responsive communication with our player base. We have had the same website and design for over 10 years and now so it was time for a change. This is a massive overhaul of all our websites with better technology and design for ease of use for our community. The first to be upgraded is our Corporate company website and our online store for products we sell. With this, we are happy to announce the new website is open for business. Now players will easily be able to not only change their login details to all our games and content, but view all their purchases and account details. This will also set us up to easily share future products and news to our community. We are very excited to be part of what’s coming in the next couple of months and years for Neojac, as a company and growing together with our great community.

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