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Neojac Entertainment Inc. Arcfall Veteran Founder's Pack The entry gate way to becoming a warrior in Arcfall.Exploring the world of Arcfall before release as.. Product #: Arc_Founders_002 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $49.95 $49.95 In Stock
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Arcfall Veteran Founder's Pack gives you access to additional founder's items in Arcfall only available during the development phase. This package helps the development of Arcfall further. Be one of the first players to claim your land and explore hidden dungeons.

With this package you will receive numerous rewards to aid you in your adventures.

The rewards are listed as follow:

  • Early Access to Alpha and Beta as well as full release.( Available 27/04/2017)
  • 10 x Tax Free Land Scrolls: You get 10 Elite Tax Free Scrolls to use on your property.
  • Adventurer's Avatar Ring: You will have a special UI ring around your portrait showing you are a founder.
  • 15 x Tax Free Travel Scrolls: Fast traveling in certain areas of Arcfall cost taxes, with these scrolls you get a certain amount of free travel.
  • 300 In Game Silver: To get you started you get 100 in game silver.
  • Veteran Chest: This chests has 32 Slots which is more than regular 16 slot chests. You place this down on your property.
  • White Steed Mount: A special White Steed Mount which has additional stats like increased speed.
  • Founders World Globe: A unique looking globe to showcase on your property.
  • Unique Dueling Flag: A special Dueling Flag that comes up when you duel another player showing you are a founder.

Check out other reward levels to see what they offer.


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