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Neojac Entertainment Inc. Atavism 2 Editor Add a extra Atavism Unity Editor to your account for extra developers... Product #: At_Editor_001 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $45.00 $45.00 In Stock
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This package allows you to add additional editor licences for your staff that work on your project. The Atavism Editor is a robust application that allows for fast editing and content adding capabilities to your project. The Atavism Editor licence requires an Atavism Cloud or Atavism OP license and works inside of the Unity Platform.

Atavism 2 Editor Specs:

  • Atavism 2 Editor which can be added to any Atavism Cloud or Atavism OP account Package.
  • Access to all Atavism 2 updates.
  • Easily add more editors as your company needs for your staff.



  • Requires Unity Free or Pro to run Editor and client.
  • Requires Atavism Cloud or Atavism OP account.


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